Our Lore

I have been wearing too much silver for as long as I can remember. But really, like, what even is “too much silver” mean anyway? Its meaningless. Wear all the silver, all the time. Theres no such thing as too much.


Hi! Im Jill. Im a second generation silversmith. I live in the Phoenix area with my best husband Brandon, two kids Elliott and Marilyn, our two shibas Moto and Ohime, and our bearded dragon Jack. My uncle, who taught me the jewelry making, has 50 years of experience silversmithing. He spent many hours with me, an indispensable teacher and resource for whom I will be grateful for til the end of time.


Whats absurd is, my passion for jewelry has been an ever present part of my identity, and yet it had never occurred to me until 2021 to learn silversmithing with my uncle. It wasnt until he offered to teach me that it dawned on me, eureka! And God said, “Let there be Lore!”

Ive felt at home in this craft ever since. I pour pieces of myself into every piece I make. When you wear a piece from Lore Silversmithing, you are wearing a piece of my heart. Second generation silversmith means skill passed down through the lore of family. Every piece is created with this intention, carefully and lovingly handcrafted, youre getting a literal piece of me. Thank you for choosing to wear my work!